Rowing excellence in the fitness community

With indoor rowing growing rapidly as a sport in its own right, CrossFit boxes, gyms and fitness centres are seeking out experienced coaching. At RowUK, we are excited about the growth of rowing throughout the fitness community. We are champions of opening the sport to new audiences. You don’t need to ever get in a boat to be able to call yourself a rower.


We provide personal training and Foundation Workshops to the fitness community in the Yorkshire area. We also get indoor rowers onto the water. In 2018, we will expand our performance coaching team. Quality is our priority and we will develop this offer at a pace that guarantees RowUK sets industry standards.

"Having only started rowing in January, I was really worried about how unprepared I was heading into my first ever indoor competition. As soon as I began the coached sessions I felt immediately reassured; we went through many different aspects of indoor rowing, from power and posture through to sprint starts, and whilst there was a lot to take in, the coaching style made the whole process a brilliant experience. As a result, I went on to finish third in one of my workouts – but more than that, it has sparked a little fire in my belly – next stop, a half marathon and a super-quick 1km time!"


CrossFitter, Sam Ward

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