Rowing is not like walking or running. For most people the movements in rowing will be alien until they are correctly coached. RowUK Foundation Workshops are suitable for those athletes who want to learn how to get more out of the Concept2 rowing machine.  
At RowUK, we are excited about the growth of rowing throughout the fitness community. We are champions of opening the sport to new audiences. You don’t need to ever get in a boat to be able to call yourself a rower. Rowing is a strength-endurance sport and, as athletes start to take their rowing more seriously, they will see how much they develop their mental toughness too.  
Athletes will be given an understanding of how to properly translate their fitness to the machine in an efficient and effective manner. The workshops look to introduce athletes to the basics.  

The Machine • The damper • The monitor • Training Apps and accessories

Body Protection • Warm up and stretching • Core Stability and trunk strengthening  • Weightlifting and transference 
Technique • Posture • Suspension • Sequencing and ratio 
Training and Racing • Rate and split control • Training zones • Racing: starts, pacing and planning

The suggested duration is 3 hours, with between 10 and 14 participants. 

We work with you on the appropriate fee structure for your gym or box. Get in touch to find out more.

I often forget what a simple sport rowing is, in my haste to be better; angles, levers, flexibility and core. Not that simplicity = ease - far from it! So much to remember!

Why not provide a follow up your Foundation Workshop with a RowUK six week competition readiness training programme?

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