RowLeeds Indoor Championships


2019-2020 Series


11th December 2019

18th March 2020

8th July 2020

Email to register your interest.

Fun filled, fast paced, multi-lane racing for years 7-11, open to schools nationwide.


Each school enters a team of 10 – one boy and one girl from each year group.

Each race is time capped, and the winner will have rowed the furthest number of metres.

There is a Special Invitation race for young people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities. This is a two-minute race.

Race categories:

  • Special Invitation         2 minutes

  • Year 7                            2 minutes

  • Year 8                            3 minutes

  • Year 9                            4 minutes

  • Year 10                          5 minutes

  • Year 11                          6 minutes

  • Team Relay                  10 minutes

  • Teacher's Race             3 minutes


Points are accrued by each school for every podium finish (excl. teacher's race):

  • Gold:                          10 points

  • Silver:                            6 points

  • Bronze:                         4 points

  • Entry:                            1 point

  • Team relay:                  Double points


A trophy will be awarded to the winning school with the most accrued points. 

A trophy will also be presented to the school with the highest points in Special Invitation races.

Over the course of the three champs, points accrued will result in an overall Victor Ludorum trophy.


1. Confirm you are attending by completing Part 1 of the Entry Form and returning it as soon as possible. The sooner you enter, the nearer your school's seats will be to the race floor and your team's rowing machine. You will need to make a small payment of £6 per student if you are not a Leeds Schools Sport Association affiliated school. 

2. Train! If you are on the RowLeeds Indoor Programme, your coach's session plans are already geared up to preparing your club for the event

3. As you near race week, select a girl and a boy from each year group. Power combined with tough mental determination often distinguish the winning athletes. Complete Part 2 of the Entry Form no later than w/c 9th March. The deadline for final names is13th March. No changes can be made on the day except for absence due sickness or injury. 

4. Race. Registration is open 15:00 - 15:30 and racing begins at 15.30. The event is expected to close after medal ceremony at 18:30.

A short video with information for schools about the event including the process to enter can be found here:

*For non-LSSA affiliated schools only


Download a poster for your school here: RowLeeds Indoor Champs poster

Event Rules can be found here: Rules​

Photo Permission form:  Photograph Permission Form

Risk Assessment for the 18th March: Risk Assessment

See RowLeeds Records here: Records

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What is the race schedule?

Registration opens at 15:00. Racing starts at 15:30. Year 7 Girls will race first then Year 7 Boys. Then Y8G, Y8B etc. After the Year 11 Boys race, the teacher race will take place. Then we will have the Team Relay. We aim to finish racing by 18:00 and for the medal ceremony to be complete by 18:30.

What if I need to make a team member change after the entry deadline?

The deadline for team name entries for the December Champs is December 6th. This allows the RowUK team to prepare all race cards and race software, test it and print it before race day. No team name changes are permitted on the day to allow for the smooth running of the event. If you need to make a change to your team after the December 6th deadline, i.e. replace athlete A with athlete B, we will do our best to make the changes to the system. If we are unable to make the name change (and if you have to make a team swap on the day), athlete B will race under athlete A's name. We will take an offline note to change the results published after the event to reflect the correct name. 

I'm not at a Leeds based school. Can I still enter?

Yes. The RowLeeds Indoor Champs is open to schools of any type, nationwide. 

Do you have a risk assessment?

Yes, see 'Other Helpful Resources' above. We know schools will also have to submit an Evolve Request. If you require any more information to help you complete this, please contact the team at

What is the teacher's race?

Last year, we decided to give the teachers a chance to prove they could row too and we saw some fantastic efforts from those that gave it a go! The pupils cheered louder than ever to see their teacher racing. So the race is back by popular demand! And it's free to enter. This race is optional and we can accept one teacher for every team entered. If you enter two full teams, you may enter two teachers. There are no points in this race but there are medals for both the Men and Women categories. If you'd like to give it a go, just pop your name in the Registration Form Part 2. 

Does my school have to be formally registered with British Rowing to submit a team?

No, any school club can enter. 

My school doesn't have a rowing club but I'm interested in starting one. Can RowUK help me?

Yes. There are a number of options including dedicated coaching support, support in funding, session plan advice and more. We have had schools in the past use the RowLeeds Indoor Champs as a way of getting a few pupils to try out indoor rowing in a fun and safe environment. We want more sport in schools. We want to help. We can help. If you would like to find out more, reach out to Ben at

Do you have any recommendations on how I select the team?

This event is an excellent opportunity to represent your school. Your best rowers are not always the students who have competed in other sports such as rugby or netball. Indoor rowing can also attract different athletes than on the water rowing so height is not a critical factor. Strength and endurance matter, but so does mental toughness. Why not get a few of your students onto a rowing machine and try them out. Your best rower, and the boy or girl who will get your school's name up in lights, may have always sat at the back of sports class, until now.   

Is there parking available?

Yes, parking is available free of charge at the venue.

I'd like to volunteer or support the events in some way. Do you have any information on this?

We will launch our volunteering roles page where you'll be able to register your interest for activities like photography, registration desk, race floor support etc. If you are looking to sponsor the event, sponsor medal categories or are interested in supplying items for the event such as refreshments, games or gifts, you can find out more here or get in touch with Chloe direct at

Is the Championship cumulative from all three events or will a champion school be awarded after each event?

There are medals for the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place of each race (e.g. Year 7 Girls, Year 11 Boys) including special invitation races for those with a sensory, learning or physical disability. There are also medals for the team relay. There is a trophy for the winning school based on points accrued at each event - so a trophy for December, one for March and another in July. There is also a Victor Ludorum trophy for the school with the most accrued points over the whole championship series which will be awarded in July.