Pathways to Performance.

We believe in the evidence-led and long term development of young people as athletes, scholars and citizens. We want them to enjoy their rowing and consciously develop important life skills along the way. We also seek to provide a performance-orientated environment for those with the ambition and talent to succeed at the highest level.


We are harnessing the world class research and teaching capacity of the University of Leeds. We have already begun a PhD programme in Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics and will next year look to do the same in Sport Science, Psychology, Food Science and Data Analytics. We are always seeking industry partners keen to support this important research.


As a sign of its commitment to the region, British Rowing have established a ‘GB Start’ programme in Yorkshire. The sole purpose of this initiative is to identify and develop Olympians of the future. There are already Leeds athletes in this squad and the GB Start coach is working closely with all Leeds rowing coaches to share ideas and set the highest standards.