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“We love rowing. We want to see people doing it well…”

Only 1 in 20 of all rowing machines in this country are sold to traditional rowing clubs and schools. So much for it being a minority or elitist sport. It’s massive.

At RowUK, we don’t see indoor rowing as a separate sport. We do however think that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well. With the growth of CrossFit – and the central role rowing plays in that community and the fitness industry as whole – the demand for specialist coaching has grown too.

Therefore, we have devised a series of seminars, courses, events and personal training packages to allow everyday fitness enthusiasts to get the best out of the machine.

Rowing is an alien movement to most people and the nuances of technique are not easy to guess at. To an experienced rower or coach, a stroll past the rowing machines in any public gym requires considerable restraint, that is of course unless you are happy to come across as a know-it-all bore. However, at best most people are missing out on making the most of their fitness through inefficient technique. In some cases, the movements are just plain dangerous.

Our Foundation Workshops last three hours and are delivered by highly experienced and qualified rowing coaches. We will steer you through the basics, giving you insights into British technique, how to row safely, the importance of strength and conditioning, and how to use the monitor and other functions correctly. In this short space of time, participants can often double their output in some tests through an understanding of the fundamentals of the stroke and how to access the power they already have.

Our coaches will put you through your paces, explain the biomechanics of the stroke, and guide you as to which muscles groups need to be enlisted and when. We will help you understand and develop your core, improve your flexibility and provide some insights as to how to train for a given goal or event.

We love rowing. We want to see people doing it well and getting the most of the sport. We want them to enjoy it, to challenge themselves and to get that buzz of noticeable improvement.

“RowUK kindly came to run a seminar at HG3 this weekend and what a difference it made! A great amount of information, given in the right way, has made huge changes to the technique of those who took part and it really showed in the tests they did before and after. Thanks for your time and looking forward to running more in the coming months!”

Peter Davis, Owner, HG3 Fitness

Whether you run a gym or box, or want some one-on-one intensive coaching to take your rowing to the next level, we want to hear from you.

We are offering special deals on packages including an indoor rowing event with a six-week course for your members building up to the big day. For more information drop us a line.

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